Apple admits that the iOS 15.4 update may harm your iPhone’s battery, but there is a simple fix.

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Following the release of iOS 15.4 on March 15, many users reported unexpected battery drain issues with their iPhones, which is an issue that occurs frequently with new iOS updates. It doesn’t happen every day that Apple weighs in.


The Apple Support Twitter account responded to a user who complained about the iOS 15.4 update battery drain issue, confirming that “it’s normal for your apps and features to require adjustment up to 48 hours after an update.”

So that confirms it: your phone will require more battery power for a few days after installing the update to allow apps to settle in. Keep your charger or handy power bank nearby for a while.

If you remember when you first got your smartphone and set it up, you may have noticed that its battery was a little erratic for the first few days. This is because apps sometimes need to adjust or ‘bed in’ a little when they’re first installed, or provided new software in this case.

That’s why, at TechRadar, we always test a phone for at least a week, if not several weeks, to ensure we get a good read on the true battery life.

If the iOS 15.4 update is draining your battery life, Apple recommends waiting a few days before restarting your phone; restarting your phone may also help. If the problem persists, it’s time to contact Apple.

It’s great that Apple is speaking out on issues like this because it shows customers that their concerns are being addressed and that their poor experiences are not the norm.
To be sure, the company will have to say the same thing again in a month or so when iOS 15.5 is released, and ad nauseam until the end of time, but that’s to be expected: not everyone follows tech news. Some people only Google ‘iOS battery issues’ when they first encounter the issue, so they are unaware that it has occurred previously.

If Apple Support is eager to comment on ongoing issues, it should focus on the iPad Air (2022) and ongoing reports of ‘creakgate’ – many people who have purchased the company’s latest tablet have discovered that the back is too thin, and the tablet creaks occasionally.

This is far from the first time Apple has been accused of shoddy workmanship in its mobile hardware (remember ‘bendgate’? ), and it’s especially aggravating for people concerned about the durability of their new super-expensive tablet.

Regardless of what my coworker says, this is a real issue supported by video evidence and a slew of reports, and it could (and arguably should) cause people to reconsider whether this iPad is the tablet they truly require.

If Apple Support weighed in on the issue, either confirming that the creaks were nothing to be concerned about or confirming that there was a manufacturing issue that was being resolved (so future tablets would be fine), it could allay concerns.

At the moment, however, fans are unsure whether they should purchase this tablet. And, with the iPad Pro 11 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 providing comparable experiences without the creak, perhaps the answer is ‘no’ for the time being.


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