CAD application

Real-Time Collaboration: The application enables seamless collaboration between team members by allowing them to work on the same CAD project simultaneously. This feature enhances productivity and fosters efficient communication among team members, even when they are physically distant.

Cloud Integration: ArcSite’s Android CAD app seamlessly syncs with cloud storage services, ensuring that all designs and projects are securely stored and accessible from any device with an internet connection.

Customizable Templates: The app offers a wide selection of customizable templates, enabling users to kickstart their projects with pre-designed elements and layouts, saving valuable time in the design process.

Measurements and Annotations: ArcSite’s Android app allows users to accurately measure distances, angles, and areas directly on the design, along with the ability to add annotations and notes for better project documentation.

The launch of the ArcSite Android mobile CAD application represents a significant step towards providing architects and engineers with greater flexibility and convenience in their design workflow. By bringing powerful CAD capabilities to their Android devices, professionals can now unleash their creativity and productivity while on the move, streamlining the design process and expediting project completion.

As ArcSite continues to innovate and expand its product offerings, users can expect further enhancements and updates to the Android app, ensuring that they stay at the forefront of the CAD industry. With this new addition, ArcSite reinforces its commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for mobile CAD design, atering to the evolving needs of design professionals worldwide.