Celebrate Diversity

Themes and Challenges:
Occasionally, focus on a particular theme or genre for a few months. You could also have challenges like “exploring graphic novels from different cultures” or “reading wordless graphic novels.”

Select graphic novels from diverse authors, cultures, and backgrounds to promote inclusivity and broaden your club’s horizons.

13. Collaborative Choices:
Let members take turns choosing the graphic novel for upcoming meetings. This ensures everyone’s interests are considered.

14. Create a Visual Library:
As your club progresses, create a collection of the graphic novels you’ve read. This can serve as a valuable resource and reminder of the books you’ve explored together.

15. Adapt and Flexibility:
Be open to adjusting your club’s format based on members’ feedback and preferences. Flexibility can help keep the experience enjoyable for everyone.

A graphic novel book club can be a wonderful way to delve into the world of visual storytelling, foster meaningful discussions, and connect with fellow enthusiasts who appreciate the art of graphic narratives.