Google Is Rolling Out a Feature That Allows You to Delete the Last 15 Minutes of Search History in Its Android App: Report

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In the coming weeks, Google is expected to gradually roll out this feature to all Android users.
According to a report, Google is adding a feature to its Android app that will allow users to delete the last 15 minutes of their search history. It cites a Google spokesperson to confirm the ‘Delete last 15 minutes’ feature’s rollout on Android. The feature is expected to be available to all Android users within the next few weeks. During the 2021 Google I/O event, the company announced the ‘Delete last 15 minutes’ feature, which was made available to iOS users later that year in July.


According to The Verge, the ‘Delete last 15 minutes’ option is currently available to a small number of Android users. Google is expected to gradually roll out this feature to all Android users in the coming weeks. This feature was previously expected to be available on Android in late 2021. The company has not stated whether or not this feature will be added to the desktop version of Google Search.


Android users can access this feature by tapping their profile picture in the Google app and then looking for the ‘Delete last 15 minutes’ option in the pop-up menu. Furthermore, Google already has a tool that automatically deletes search history contents that are more than 3 months, 18 months, or 36 months old.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently took to Twitter to announce the dates for Google I/O 2022. The event will take place on May 11 and 12, this year. Google I/O 2022 will be virtually open to the public. However, there will be a limited live audience at Google’s Shoreline Amphitheatre, where this event will be held. Google employees and some partners would most likely be in the live audience. Google is expected to unveil Android 13 at this year’s I/O conference.


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