Helpful campus apps

Helpful campus apps make life much easier for students and university members by providing important information and services directly on their mobile devices. These apps are designed to make everyday life on campus more efficient and enjoyable.

Timetable app: This app allows students to manage their timetable and find out about course times, rooms and lecturers. Users can set reminders for class times and track schedule changes instantly.

Map app: A map app helps users find their way around campus. It shows buildings, classrooms, libraries, cafeterias and other important places and also provides GPS navigation to find your way.

Library App: This app provides access to the library catalogue, reserving books, renewing loan periods, and accessing online resources such as e-books and scholarly articles.

Meal plan app: The meal plan app provides information about what is on offer in the campus cafeterias and restaurants. Users can find out about daily menus, opening times and special offers.

Events App: This app lists all events on campus including lectures, workshops, concerts, sporting events and more. Users can find out about upcoming events and even reserve tickets.

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