Incident Reporting

In a move towards modernization and improved community outreach, the Petersburg Police Department has launched a cutting-edge mobile app aimed at bolstering communication and engagement with the city’s residents. The new app, aptly named “Petersburg PD Connect,” promises to revolutionize how citizens interact with law enforcement and access essential services.

The app’s features include:

  1. Incident Reporting: Citizens can report non-emergency incidents directly through the app, allowing them to provide real-time information to the police department and contribute to community safety.


Crime Tips: Residents can anonymously submit tips and information about ongoing investigations, helping law enforcement solve crimes more effectively.


Emergency Alerts: The app will enable the police department to push out critical emergency alerts and notifications to residents during times of crisis or urgent situations.


Community Events: Stay informed about local community events, workshops, and programs organized by the police department to foster a stronger bond between law enforcement and the public.


Missing Persons Updates: Receive updates and information about missing persons cases, allowing citizens to be actively involved in locating and bringing missing individuals home safely.


Public Safety Resources: Access a comprehensive list of public safety resources, including crime prevention tips, educational materials, and contact information for relevant agencies.


Petersburg Police Chief, Amanda Rodriguez, expressed her enthusiasm for the app, stating, “Petersburg PD Connect represents a significant step forward in our commitment to transparency and community engagement. By embracing technology, we hope to bridge the gap between our officers and residents, building trust and cooperation to create a safer city for all.”