Mobile Application Security Testing Tools

Mobile application security testing tools are crucial for identifying vulnerabilities and ensuring the security of mobile apps. They help developers and security professionals detect potential weaknesses that could be exploited by malicious attackers. Here are some popular mobile application security testing tools:

OWASP Mobile Security Testing Guide (MSTG): While not a tool itself, the OWASP MSTG provides a comprehensive guide to mobile app security testing. It covers various testing methodologies and techniques, making it an essential resource for security professionals.

Mobile Security Framework (MobSF): An open-source framework that automates mobile app security testing. It supports both Android and iOS platforms and offers features like static analysis, dynamic analysis, and malware analysis.

Appium: An open-source tool for automating mobile app testing. While not specifically designed for security testing, it can be used to automate security-related tests on mobile apps.

NowSecure: A commercial mobile app security testing platform that offers automated dynamic analysis, static analysis, and behavioral analysis. It provides insights into vulnerabilities and privacy issues.

Checkmarx: While primarily known for its static application security testing (SAST) capabilities, Checkmarx also provides solutions for mobile app security testing, helping to identify vulnerabilities in the app’s source code.

Veracode Mobile Application Security Testing: This tool offers both static and dynamic analysis for mobile app security testing. It helps identify vulnerabilities in the code as well as in the app’s runtime behavior.