New app transforms the Metropolitan Museum

Introducing “Metropolitan MuseApp” – the revolutionary app that redefines your experience at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

Step into a world of art, history, and innovation with Metropolitan MuseApp. This cutting-edge application combines technology and culture to transform the way you explore one of the world’s most prestigious art museums.


  1. Interactive Museum Map: Say goodbye to paper maps! The app provides an interactive museum map that helps you navigate through the museum’s vast collection with ease. It offers personalized routes based on your interests and the exhibits you don’t want to miss.
  2. Augmented Reality (AR) Tours: Prepare to be amazed as the past comes to life through our AR tours. Walk alongside ancient civilizations, iconic artists, and historical figures through captivating augmented reality experiences. Witness masterpieces spring to life and gain unique insights into their creation.
  3. Audio Guides with Expert Commentary: Our audio guides, curated by art historians and experts, take you on a journey through the art world. Listen to intriguing stories, analysis, and behind-the-scenes information that make the artwork come alive with new meaning.
  4. Interactive Exhibitions: Step into the art! With Metropolitan MuseApp, you can engage with select exhibits through interactive elements. Unlock hidden details, rotate and zoom in on artwork, and even create your virtual exhibitions to share with friends.
  5. Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) Gallery: Unable to visit the museum physically? No problem! Our VR Gallery brings the Met to your fingertips. Wander through lifelike galleries, explore remote exhibitions, and feel like you’re right there amongst the art.
  6. AR Artwork Scanner: Ever wonder about the story behind an artwork? Simply point your phone’s camera at the piece, and our AR Artwork Scanner will provide you with details, artist bios, and related artworks from the museum’s collection.