Numerous benefits to online onboarding

Onboarding plays a crucial role in the staffing industry, and implementing an efficient online onboarding process is essential in today’s digital era. It goes beyond the traditional method of applicants filling out basic fields on a web form and uploading a resume. A comprehensive online onboarding process incorporates company branding, marketing, detailed information collection, online forms with e-signatures, and integration of testing and background checks. The goal is to create a seamless process that seamlessly integrates with your staffing software.

With the emergence of Millennials and Gen Xers in the workforce, it’s important to adapt to new cultural norms and gather applicant information in a modern way. Electronic methods of data collection, whether online or in-office, are necessary to filter data directly into your software. In a fast-paced industry with fierce competition, providing applicants of high quality becomes crucial for maximizing placement opportunities.

There are numerous benefits to online onboarding. By having applicants enter their information directly into your system, you save time on data entry and can focus on the core tasks of placement. It also ensures that you have valid and current data available for database searching, giving your company a competitive edge. More information at your disposal allows for better matching with client orders and enables confident marketing and selling of candidate skills.

To create an effective onboarding process, start with your staffing software and determine the information you need to collect. Don’t worry about the length of the online application; serious candidates should be willing to provide the necessary information for job placement. Begin with a resume upload, which can be automatically parsed to fill in fields for convenience. Then, applicants can fill in the remaining information. It’s also essential to offer the application online or in a kiosk-style format at your office.

If you have multiple lines of business, consider having separate onboarding applications online to address the specific information needed for each line. Adapt the application length based on the type of candidates you typically work with. Resume uploading can be optional, allowing candidates without resumes to provide relevant information through the online application.

Including basic interview questions in the online application can help streamline the interview process. Preliminary questions help gather essential information, allowing for more in-depth and meaningful conversations during actual interviews.

Online onboarding can also incorporate forms such as confidentiality agreements, background check consent, drug testing consent, and I-9 forms. These forms can be signed electronically, either by having candidates sign after an initial conversation or by completing forms at an online kiosk when they visit your office. Collecting forms with e-signatures streamlines the process and automatically stores them in your staffing software for easy access and long-term retention.

Throughout the online application process, staffing firms have an opportunity to include brand messaging to reinforce their value proposition. After completing the application, applicants should receive an email that may include additional selling points. Staffing firms should also receive an email notification of the applicant’s application, and the applicant record should indicate that they applied through the online application. This information should be searchable by date.

Duplicate applications are a common issue, regardless of whether applicants apply manually or online. However, your system can check for specific information to identify potential duplicates before adding applicants to your database. If an application appears to be a duplicate, it can be held for approval, and specific data such as phone numbers and email addresses can be checked for matches.

Online onboarding is an effective and efficient way to gather applicant information for your staffing solution. It saves time, allows for capturing more comprehensive data, establishes a relationship with applicants, and provides interviewers with essential information beforehand, facilitating better-prepared interviews.