Samsung teases the release of a new Galaxy Book Pro at its MWC 2022 event.

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Samsung has provided a sneak peek at what its presence at the MWC 2022 may entail. According to the hints that follow, we can expect a new laptop from Samsung to be released later this month.


Samsung has hinted at yet another major announcement just over a week after launching its Galaxy S22 flagship phones. The company has given hints about what it has planned for the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2022, which will be held in Barcelona later this month. Despite the lack of a direct indication, we can make an important prediction based on the teasers: Samsung may be preparing to launch its Galaxy Book Pro.

The prediction is based on a recent blog post published by Samsung. The post, which takes the form of a “Invitation” to Samsung’s Galaxy MWC Event 2022, describes a “New Era of Connected Mobile Devices.” Following is very little information. There is, however, a brief video that gives us a much-anticipated glimpse of Samsung’s plans.

“Samsung Electronics is redefining the future of how we work and learn,” the company writes on its blog. It then invites readers to attend this year’s MWC event on February 27 to witness the unveiling of “a new connected experience.” Beginning at 7:00 p.m. CET or 11:30 p.m. IST, the event will be streamed live on Samsung Newsroom and Samsung’s YouTube channel.


The real sneak peek, however, comes in the form of a short video that follows the text. A variety of devices with varying form factors can be seen unfolding one by one in the video. The animation, on the other hand, begins with a laptop, and all of the other animations depict existing Samsung devices if you look closely.

On one side of the frame, for example, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 can be seen. The Galaxy S22 Ultra, the company’s new flagship phone, is shown on the other end. Along with the S22 series, we can see the Galaxy Tab S8, which debuted alongside it, as well as the Galaxy Watch 4, which received a slew of health and wellness features during the event.

So the laptop animation is the only one that is missing. Given that it is first, we can expect it to be the focal point of Samsung’s MWC 2022 presence. Thus, speculations point to the release of the long-rumored Galaxy Book Pro.

Another reason to believe this is that the Galaxy Book Pro lineup was first revealed around this time last year. Since then, there have been no updates to the series, and it is likely that Samsung will not allow this to continue for long.


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