Ta Khar Hte` Chit Chin Lo Par

Set in the heart of Isla Nublar, this short story set follows a group of dedicated park rangers and veterinarians who embark on daring missions to rescue injured or stranded dinosaurs. Their heroic efforts showcase the bond between humans and these majestic creatures.

“The Lost Eggs of Isla Sorna”: This set of short stories explores the untold stories of dinosaur eggs scattered across the remote Isla Sorna. As paleontologists and researchers race against time to uncover and protect these precious fossils, they uncover unexpected mysteries and challenges.

“Jurassic Kids’ Adventures”: Aimed at a younger audience, this collection of short stories features children who find themselves in various dinosaur-related adventures. From unexpected encounters with friendly dinosaurs to thrilling escapes from ferocious predators, these tales offer excitement and education for young readers.

“The Geneticists’ Dilemma”: This set delves into the ethical and moral quandaries faced by geneticists and scientists behind the creation of cloned dinosaurs. As they grapple with their responsibilities and the consequences of their actions, readers are taken on a journey through the complex world of genetic engineering.

“Dinosaur Chronicles: A Prehistoric Saga”: A series of interconnected short stories spanning the entire history of the dinosaurs, from their earliest origins to their eventual extinction. Readers witness the rise and fall of these incredible creatures through the ages, exploring their behaviours, challenges, and adaptations.

“Jurassic World’s Best Short Story Sets” offers a diverse array of tales that transport readers into the captivating world of dinosaurs, both on and off the big screen. These stories provide a unique perspective on the timeless fascination with these ancient creatures and their interactions with humanity.