Twitter’s DM Search Bar Now Allows You to Search Message Content

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Twitter has improved its search feature for direct messages, allowing users to search their inbox for specific messages using keywords and names.
The DM search bar isn’t new, but it previously only allowed you to find a person’s or a group chat’s name in your inbox. The most recent advancement means that you can now refine searches to find specific content in your messages.


When using the search bar at the top of your messages in the iOS app, the feature addition works. Keywords can be used to find content, and the results can be filtered to return people, groups, or messages that match them. Some Twitter users on the web can also access the feature.

According to The Verge, the improved search can bring up relatively old messages, but it doesn’t appear to be completely comprehensive, with messages older than three years not appearing in some results.
Twitter introduced a new camera feature in its official iOS app earlier this week that allows users to create their own animated GIFs for posting to the social media platform.


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