Vintage Apple-1 computer

Sure, I’d be happy to talk about the vintage Apple-1 computer!

The Apple-1 was the first-ever computer designed and built by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs in 1976. It was a bare-bones single-board computer that came as a kit, meaning users had to assemble the components themselves. The Apple-1 was initially sold without a case, keyboard, or monitor, and it was aimed at computer hobbyists and enthusiasts.

The specifications of the Apple-1 were quite basic by today’s standards. It had a 6502 microprocessor running at 1 MHz, 4KB of RAM, and 8KB of ROM containing BASIC programming language. Users had to connect the computer to a TV or monitor and use a keyboard to interact with it. Storage was done using cassette tapes.

Despite its limitations, the Apple-1 was a revolutionary product that laid the foundation for the future success of Apple Inc. Only around 200 units were ever produced, and most of them were sold through specialty computer stores or by mail order. The original price of the Apple-1 was $666.66, which today seems like an odd price, but it was chosen because Wozniak liked repeating digits.

The Apple-1 is now considered a collector’s item and a significant piece of computing history. It’s quite rare to find a working original unit, and those that do exist in good condition can fetch high prices at auctions.

If you are interested in vintage computing or computer history, the Apple-1 is certainly an iconic and fascinating piece of technology to learn about.