YouTube has blocked Russian state media all over the world.

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Youtube is now blocking Russian state media channels worldwide. Initially, YouTube only prohibited Russian media in Europe. The guidelines for YouTube prohibit content that minimizes, trivializes, or denies well-documented violent events. As part of this policy, the channel has stated that it will now block content that denies the invasion or claims it is a ‘peacekeeping mission.’


“In accordance with that, we are also blocking YouTube channels associated with Russian state-funded media globally, effective immediately.”

In the aftermath of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, other social media companies are also updating their policies. Facebook has temporarily permitted political expression that would normally violate its rules prohibiting violent speech. According to Facebook, such expressions include statements such as “Death to the Russian invaders.” It did, however, state that it will not tolerate violent speech directed at Russian civilians.

According to Thai PBS, YouTube, like Facebook, has stated that it will allow hate speech if it is “educational, artistic, or scientific in nature.”

Google, YouTube’s parent company, has prohibited Russian advertisers from placing ads on Google properties and networks.

The bans and changes in policies on social media are just one part of an ever-increasing tidal wave of boycotts against Russia. Luxurious brands, banks, and even FIFA are now committed to isolating the country. Last week, US Vice President Joe Biden announced a ban on Russian imports of oil, liquefied natural gas, and coal.




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